Coffee Pods for Senseo

senseo-machine-pods We love the flavor and crema we get with senseo coffee pods and our older Senseo coffee machine. When we first bought our machine, the pods were available at the local grocery store, department store and even at Costco. Then they weren’t in the stores or anywhere until they again were sold only online at Amazon or on the Senseo web site. Currently we could buy them for about $.29 per pod with the Amazon subscribe and save program. We always use 2 pods per cup for a nice large mug of coffee. That puts our cup price at $.58 per cup using Senseo coffee pods. I wanted to save some money; so explored how to make my own pods. Now I make them using Starbucks whole bean coffee ground fine at the store and filter paper that’s less than a penny each. Last time I bought the coffee it was $19.99 on sale at Costco for 40 oz. That price makes our coffee about $.20 per mug. We have also used the store brand coffee (which comes in some nice flavors too, like “Southern Pecan Pie”) and costs the same or a little less. I love drinking Starbucks for $.20 a mug!

Images belong to Cheryl Snider or courtesy of Amazon
Here's the crema layer the Senseo machine creates with a proper pod. Crema is an emulsion of water and oil that's in the coffee.
Here’s the crema layer the Senseo machine creates with a proper pod. Crema is an emulsion of water and the oil that’s in the coffee. It’s created by the pressurized steam the machine forces through the coffee pod.

hole-openBefore I tell you how I do it, there’s one problem to alert you to. The yellow arrow points to a hole in the middle of the Senseo pod tray. That hole can very easily be blocked by one course coffee ground. If it’s blocked and you turn on the machine, it will lock up and might spew steam or otherwise fizzle. Don’t panic, if this happens. Just turn it off, unplug it and wait a bit while it cools. Then you can open the top and clear the hole; so it will work again. It’s no big deal especially if you get into the habit of checking the hole when you put in a new pod.


We tried the Senseo compatible coffee pods. There are the strangely shaped pod filters and the plastic EcoPod.

The paper filter things are almost impossible to fill with coffee and then keep closed. The EcoPod didn’t hold enough coffee and we didn’t get a crema layer with them.

Our test results were not satisfactory.




Experimentation shows me that the 7 inch or 4 cup basket style coffee filters work best. You absolutely can use the larger ones for 8 to 12 cups, but those have extra paper to get folded into the pod. At our local Food Lion recently, the 100 pack was $.99 and the 200 pack was $1.69. So, the larger pack gets them for less than a penny per paper.

In the picture is also the bag from that Southern Pecan Pie flavored coffee. It made a very nice mug of coffee with this technique, but not as strong as our favorite Starbucks French Roast. When buying coffee for pods, you want it ground fine or espresso grind.


The sequence of pictures above show how I press the filter into the pod tray and what my old coffee scoop looks like. I just dump the coffee into the shaped filter, tamp it in and then fold it over and tuck it into the tray. There shouldn’t be any filter or coffee around the rim of the tray after the filter’s folded.used-senseo-filter-alternative

Here’s a picture of a used pod that shows how it’s completely inside the pod holder. We store maybe 17 in a plastic container for use during the week. My coffee scoop came out of a can of Chock Full O’ Nuts Coffee years ago. There are actually 3 of these scoops in my gadget drawer. I measured how much it holds and it’s exactly 2 Tablespoons of coffee.


Shopping List for Making Your Own Senseo Coffee Pods

If you can’t get to your local grocery, everything you need to make your own Senseo coffee pods is on Amazon. Here also are espresso if you want to mix it with your ground coffee for richer flavor, whole bean coffees and the best coffee grinder for those beans. If you are comparing costs, I’ve included the link to the Senseo coffee pods as well.

Senseo Coffee Pods Dark Roast18 Count (Count of 6) 26.46 oz.Senseo Coffee Pods Dark Roast18 Count (Count of 6) 26.46 oz.Check Today’s Price

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 Videos Show How to Make Senseo Compatible Pods at Home

Watch these videos and you will see that there are many other people making their own Senseo compatible pods at home and saving money.

This man uses paper towel instead of regular filter paper and he gets great crema.