Should You Get Prime?

Do you need Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime used to scare me.  It seemed to be a lot of money ($79) for not anything in my hand.  Then one day I found out that my husband had signed up for a Prime membership and I took a closer look to see if we would be keeping it.  During the trial month, we ordered a lot of items, some of them heavy and bulky, and we used a lot of free Prime shipping.  At the same time I needed to ship a few parcels to our children and it was very expensive.


Amazon uses the media streaming feature to sell Prime, but we would get our value back from it through the free shipping.  My further exploration of the service uncovered some TV series that we wanted to watch; so that was gravy for us.  We haven’t looked at the free Kindle books they also include.


If you order a lot from Amazon on a regular basis, it might be wise to take a closer look at Amazon Prime. $79 looked huge to us until we did the math.


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