Amazon Now Has Coupons!

This could be very valuable to all of us deal seekers.  Tonight I was able to order some coffee pods at 15% off regular price using an Amazon coupon.  It was a wonderful deal, but it was for a brand that I haven’t tried before.  Maybe these coupons are bait to get people to try new things.  I saw loads of very ordinary much needed items in the coupon pages though; so it would pay to take a look.

I found the Amazon coupon pages to be very balky using Internet Explorer.  Chrome browser worked best tonight.  I don’t know if the coupon pages are just not perfected yet; or if it was a reflection of Christmas shopping traffic on the site.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Now Has Coupons!”

  1. I really love the banners you have created for Amazon coupons but I am very challenged when it comes to creating these types of banners. Would it be possible for me to pay you to use your banner image on my site?

    I could send you a payment to your Paypal account if you agree. Just send me an email at the email address in my comment with the payment you would require and your Paypal email and I will happily send you the cash.

    Thanks in advance,

    Andy Spaeth

    1. Andy, please check your email as I have sent you a present (3 emails with attachments). If they’re not in your inbox, check the spam folder and if you didn’t get them, let me know and we’ll try something else.

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