Hello, I’m Cheryl and saving money when I buy items is my passion. The main plan for this site is to share with you the best values I find while I scour the web for things I need or am interested in buying one day. Hopefully, you will find my pages right when you need the same thing and you can benefit from my work and save some time.


I am a retired mother of three and grandmother of two darlings who live in Texas.  That’s just too far away from Maryland and I need to save lots of dollars to pay for trips to see them.  I worked for 18 years as a letter carrier and before that I worked as a men’s clothing store manager.  Before that, for three years I worked in a real estate office processing papers; so I have lots of various experience to bring to the search.


Don’t you just love what the Internet has done to improve our ability to find the best price?  Even if you don’t buy here and now, you can take your new knowledge with you to any brick and mortar store that will price match.  It’s a win either way for you; so let’s do some shopping!

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